5 tips to choose the right summer camp for your child

5 tips to choose the right summer camp for your child

It is summer time and as a parent you are wondering how to keep your child engaged, have fun and at the same time learn some new cool stuff. You might be considering enrolling your child in a summer camp but not sure how to choose the right camp for your kid.

Here are 5 tips to help you get going –

1. Is the camp right for your child?

We are not asking you to choose the best camp in the town for your child, instead ask yourself which is the right camp for your child. You are choosing the camp for your child, so your kid becomes the key stakeholder in the process. Your kid may be keen in drama, or theatre. Some maybe interested in tinkering with gadgets. You need to strike a balance between what you feel would be useful for your child and what would interest her/him.

Speak to your camp organizers about the programming. How they plan to cater to the diverse interests of the kids who will attend their camp.

2. Does the camp combine your child’s interests with educational and fun activities?

In the multidimensional world we live in today, a child needs to inculcate skills, both educational and soft skills to succeed. Skills like team work, leadership, public speaking are all taught at school these days but it becomes much easier for kids to learn in an informal setup which camps offer. There are not teachers, only coaches and mentors making it easier to open up.

Check with your camp organizer how they plan to blend fun with learning. A well structured camp which spans over 3-5 days goes a long way for your child.

3. Is it an overnight or a day camp?

Whether the camp is an overnight camp or a day one is a big factor when you pick a camp. Overnight camps allow the camp organizers to dive deep into various aspects they wish to address. The bonding between participants and trainers is better resulting in achieving better learning as well as fun results.

Staying overnight allows for fun filled sessions of bonfire, singing and dancing, camping, star gazing, early morning treks and more. Check with your organizer how they plan to accommodate co-eds, most organizers arrange separate dorms for boys and girls.

4. Who are the camp organizers? What is their track record in conducting similar events for kids?

This is probably one question which parents already pay attention to, but be sure you are asking them the right questions. Every camp organizer has some differentiating factors which sets them apart from the rest. Check for past events conducted by them and if they could deliver as promised. Check for parent/student testimonials and which schools have taken part in their camps in the past. You may not take individual reviews too seriously as each child is unique but get do an overview.

5. Is the camp organized in a safe, learning environment?

Your child’s safety is your primary concern and so should it be for your camp organizer. We can’t emphasize enough how important this is to your choice. The camp should provide safe stay for kids without any hazards so that parents can confidently leave them for a few days.

Not just the stay but also check for safety during the activities which are part of the camp. If the camp schedule includes cycling, does the organizer provide the safety gear? Is there a doctor at hand to handle any minor bruises or injuries? If there is a pool area are there enough safety equipment? If there are any items to be brought by the kid like swimwear, ask the organizer in advance to provide a list of items.


As a parent you constantly strive to give the best learning coupled with memories to your children. Our tips can get you started in your search for the right camp for your child this summer of 2017.

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